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About Ben

Peak Performance,  Stress Management, & Work/Life Balance Consultant

Trusted Advisor To Executives & Fortune 500 Companies.

My messages increase performance levels & revenue by up to 50%.

My area of expertise is: Work/Life Balance, Peak Performance, and how to Transform & Perform at your best. De-stress for success.

Message me or call me +1.732.730.3900 to discuss what I can do for you & your company or to host me as a trainer or for a keynote speaking engagement.

Check out my membership-based personal success portal via where you will learn all you need, to live the life you desire & deserve.

I have had significant success and accomplishments in the area of business and psychology. Utilize my expertise to live the life you desire and deserve. Learn to implement the latest techniques in business and psychology to “supercharge your life to win!”. In my book, “Supercharge Your Emotions To Win” I explain the 7 keys that one needs to achieve the life they desire and deserve. I have successfully helped thousands of people to create the clarity, focus, and skill set you need to be the best you can be.

It would be my honor and privilege to serve you NOW!