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Q. Do I have to be anxiety and stress-free forever?

Anxiety and stress are a regular part of life

The goal isn’t to eliminate it entirely. The goal is to make it that it doesn’t get in the way of functionality. You will be able to engage in love and work without being held back by anxiety.

Q. Do I need a therapist in addition to this program?

Most people have achieved their goals in overcoming anxiety with the “Live Your Deserved Life Program”. The “Live Your Deserved Life Program” provides a community with regular vlog posts to help you integrate the skills effectively. Some have chosen to do some live sessions, which is optional should you decide to do so, on your journey to emotional freedom.

Q. Do I need to do all the modules?

Most people experience dramatic improvement after completing just the first module. However I record you completing the program, so you have all the skills and tools to be assured that your gains will hold and that you will be equipped to deal with future anxiety challenges that may arise.

Q. How do I find a therapist/counselor who understands anxiety?

Should you choose to seek the help of a therapist for your anxiety in conjunction with the “Live Your Deserved Life Program”. Be clear with the therapist that you are looking to apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills, and ask them if they are comfortable with supporting you in that endeavor.

Q. How do I manage my anxiety until I get through the program?

The goal of the “Live Your Deserved Life Program” is to avoid being affected by your anxiety, rather than managing it. Therefore managing anxiety is, in essence, the opposite of what I teach, nevertheless, in the interim, it’s understood that you use whatever you have been using to date to manage your anxiety until you learn the most effective and efficient ways from the “Live Your Deserved Life Program.”

Q. How many weeks is the program?

It is designed over 15 weeks, this way you spend less than one hour a week on new material and less than 10-20 minutes a day to integrate the skills. Making it reasonable and realistic to complete the “Live Your Deserved Life Program”.

Q. How much does treatment cost?

Anxiety treatment can be costly and very lengthy, that’s what drove me to develop the “Live Your Deserved Life Program”. It’s completed in just 15 weeks and costs less than one to one session with me.

Q. If I failed at treatment already can I ever get better?

Yes you can better

People who have been struggling for decades after trying many treatments unsuccessfully have seen excellent results from the “Live Your Deserved Life Program” and overcome their anxiety.

Q. Is anxiety different than an anxiety disorder?

Yes, 100% of people in the world present with anxiety, while 18% of people will present with an anxiety disorder. To qualify for an anxiety disorder, it needs to affect your functionality in the areas of love and work. The good news is that whether you have anxiety or anxiety disorder. The good news is that the skills in the “Live Your Deserved Life Program” will teach you all you need to know to deal with both presentations effectively.

Q. Is anxiety inherited?

Anxiety is a combination of nature and nurture.

True that genetics may play a role to make you more susceptible to developing anxiety. The more critical component is the nurturing process. Parents who have anxiety and manage it effectively will pass it on to their children the susceptibility, along with the skills to handle it. If you have anxiety without the powers to control it, you can learn everything you need to know with the “Live Your Deserved Life Program”.

Q. Is it true that you can have more than one anxiety disorder at a time?

The answer is yes

Many people will present with more than one type of anxiety disorder. For example a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, along with a Phobia or Panic Disorder. The good news is that the skills in the “Live Your Deserved Life Program” will teach you all you need to know to deal with all the anxiety disorder presentations effectively.

Q. What if I have depression too?

In 85% of instances of anxiety, there is co-existing depression; the depression is an outcome of the anxiety itself. When a person lives with anxiety and feels like they cannot manage their emotions, this leads to depression. The good news is that when your anxiety is under control, the depression will leave as well.

Q. What if I’m not ready for treatment?

Many people who have struggled with anxiety for a long time, want relief and the thought of dealing with their anxiety if very uncomfortable. Please know that living with fear is much harder than the process of freeing yourself from stress. It’s the lesser of the two evils, and it will free you of anxiety in the future.

Q. What kind of treatment is right for me?

Studies show that most effective treatment for anxiety disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, this form of therapy is the foundation of the “Live Your Deserved Life Program”.

Q. Will I be cured after treatment?

Anxiety and stress is an integral part of a survival mechanism and vital to our survival, personal and as a species. It is anxiety and stress that affects functionality that is the goal of the “Live Your Deserved Life Program” is to eliminate, so that you live the life you desire and deserve!