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Lakewood, NJ - BENJAMIN HALPERN, LCSW, Business Psychology Expert

NEW "Lose Stress Dieta.k.a. $$$ How to Get a Self-Generated PAY RAISE $$$

Ben is leading the way in the personal development space with Practical Psychology for Business!

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Mesivta Of Eatontown Speech

MOEPoster I recently heard a speaker recount that he was the guest speaker at a function and sitting there he was shocked to notice that the menu had delicious meat as the main course and cheesecake with milk chocolate truffles for desert, he was horrified and approached the person in charge and pointed out his concern. The person in charge responded, when I heard that you are the guest speaker, I knew that we will have enough time after the main course to have a milchig desert. The bad news is that you won’t be having a milchig desert tonight, however the good news is that I will be br

The Voice Of Lakewood

the Voice Q: I live in a development that has had a couple of scares with strangers. I want to teach my children to stay away and what to do in chas veshalom this terrible situation but I am unsure what to say or how to bring it across without scaring or worrying them. Please advise.   Your great question has three components. The first is a practical one. How do I teach my children about the dangers of strangers? The second point you mention is not wanting to scare or worry your children, which touches upon the difference between fear and anxiety. The third point worth mention

Mishpacha Magazine

image10 Since I was a teenager, I’ve been helping people. Somehow I always seemed to be a magnet for people seeking a listening ear.  But after years of listening and advising, I got frustrated. I was trying my best, sending people for professional help, but they weren’t getting the healing they needed. Instead of gifting them with skills and eventual independence, too many of the therapists were serving as crutches. The clients’ lives remained enormously painful, even after years of medication and/or therapy. I couldn’t bear to watch the endless pain – so I decided t

Binah magazine

mag-01 O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) In order to understand O.C.D. you need need to simply understand the three words that make up its name the first being “O” which stands for obsessive. An obsession is a thought that is repetitive, which is the way our brain naturally intensifies emotion. We actually enjoy a lot of the times when we obsess about thoughts that make us feel excited or happy. Obsessions are totally normal. However we can also obsess about thoughts that drain us, make us anxious or depressed. There is also a form of obsessive thoughts that are intrusive, which


image7LAKEWOOD, N.J., Feb. 23, 2015 -- In his new book, "Supercharge Your Emotions to Win: 7 Keys to Achieve the Life You Desire & Deserve," personal development expert Benjamin Halpern shows readers how to develop and attach strong, productive emotions - supercharged emotions - to their understanding and choices, empowering them to attain their dreams in every aspect of their lives. "Are you ready to take control of your life to achieve personal and professional success? You already have all of the tools you need within you," says personal development consultant, speaker and au
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