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Benjamin Halpern has had the privilege to present many talks and the good fortune to provide a life-changing experience for this in attendance. Benjamin’s speaking objective is to deliver the same result for your organization. Below are some samples of talks on overcoming anxiety, managing stress and ensuring you have the perfect balance between work and life. However, it would be my honor and privilege to custom tailor a talk for your organization to get maximum impact and results. Please call my office and complete the contact form so we can discuss what we can do for your bottom line.

Several Title Options that Ben has presented on

Helping others with Anxiety

I have presented to many mental health professionals, teachers, principal, college students & business leaders. Understanding anxiety, it’s makeup, it’s develpment, its chariteristics & interventions to overcome its effects.

Anxiety in the Classroom

In today’s classroom setting the challenges are far more that years forgone. Teachers can learn about the brain in general, have a deeper understanding of cognitive and behavioral development and manifestations and how to deal with, manage and intervene when they present in your classroom.

From a Slump to a Trump

Learn the greatest and most effective strategies that are utilized by the peak performers and implement them in your life to get the results you desire.

Turn Anxiety into Prosperity

Anxiety is really a combination of the best attributes. Once you’ll learn how to manage those qualities and use them to your advantage you will be able to turn your anxiety into prosperity and live the life your desire.

Supercharge Your Team

This talk will.. Increase employee Satisfaction, Bolster Confidence, Increase Results/Revenue, Boost Productivity. Create Teamwork Environment Improve Employee Retention.
This will be accomplished utilizing the 7 keys I have developed and have helped thousands create the changed the desired effectively. Here is what some leaders had to say!
“Packed with effective strategies to create real and lasting life changes.” ~ DAVID J. LIEBERMAN, Ph.D., award-winning author and internationally-recognized leader in the field of human behavior
“Benjamin is blessed with the unique ability to help people create the change they desire in their lives with lightning speed.” ~ MICHAEL GROSS, CEO, AJ Madison
“This book will have a positive impact on those who apply its wisdom.” ~ DAVID LOWENTHAL, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

Overcoming Anxiety

As an anxiety specialist who has treated thousands of people effectivly and efficiently, I will present everything you to know to overcome your anxiety once in for all.

From Stress to Success

The difference between stress an a success is “ucc” you choose correct choices. This talk will teach you all you need to know to make the correct choices and make the changes you need to move from stress to success in your life.

The Joy of Discomfort

Revolutionary view, understanding and skills to model the most successful in the world to stick with the plan and get the results you desire by learning to enjoy the process.

Be a Buffalo & Not a Cow

In Colorado we find to distinct ways of dealing with life’s challenges. The cow runs away from the storm and therefore wind up being chased by the storm and ultimately endures more pain. While the buffalo run into the storm and minimize the amount of time they suffer do to a challenge . Learn how to minimize pain and maximize gain in your life.

7 Keys to Achieve the Life you Desire & Deserve

Clarify Your Outcome
The Emotional Brain
Imagine the Good
Understand Your Four-Part Brain
Bypass the Critical Factor
Make It Real

Recognize What’s in Your Control
Control Your Emotional World
Take the Three Steps to Leadership
Make It How You See It
Change the Way You Feel
Limit Your Limiting Fears

Magnetize Your Thoughts and Actions
Balance Pain and Gain
Use Images to Change the Balance
Teach Yourself to Avoid Painful Situations
Change Your Thinking Patterns
Reinforce Your Thoughts
Celebrate Your Thoughts
Change Your Thoughts and Actions

Manage Your Emotions
Claim Your Birthright to Happiness
Make Happiness a Habit
Break Your Negative Thought Patterns
Choose Correct Choices

Set Your Goals
Avoid the Expectations Trap
Develop Your Goals
Resolve Conflicting Goals
Attain Your Goals

Access the Power of Belief
Two Ways to Look at Things
Believe Like Those Who Succeed
Choose Your Beliefs Carefully
Starve Your Old Beliefs

Maintain Your Power
Maintain Your Gains

Want to see video samples of Ben speaking?


Want to hear audio samples of Ben speaking?

Supercharge your Business for CEO’s

Professional Development Training For Teachers

Presentation at Sparks Of Life Event

Presentation for Seminary Students & Teachers #1

Presentation for Seminary Students & Teachers #2

Presentation for Seminary Students & Teachers #3

Presentation for Seminary Students & Teachers #4

Presentation for Seminary Students & Teachers #5

Parenting Workshop On FEAR Part #1

Parenting Workshop on FEAR Part#2

Contact Ben

For information about Ben’s Speaking, Sales Training or Consulting Solutions complete this short form, text or call Ben at 732.730.3900


I have known Benjamin for several years, his patience, courtesy intelligence, and winning manner are only part of what makes Benjamin the successful & effective professional he is. Benjamin is an outstanding and exceptional human being and I feel privileged to know him.


Dr. Hillel Becker

PhD, Chief Psychologist at James J Peters Medical Center, Bronx, NY

Ben is bright & dedicated, he is a delight to work with & his results are astounding. which is due to his devotion, persistence & competence.

Dr. Stuart Seidman

MD, West End Medical Associates, Manhattan, NY

Benjamin has been our director for over a decade, and has successfully overseen the transformation of thousands of our clients. He can do the same for you and your organization.

F.A.S.T. Center

F.A.S.T. Center for Personal & Profesional Delelopment

Ben has been a Team Member of our multidisciplinary group for several years. He has along with his world renown colleagues, done amazing work. He can no doubt be a great asset in achieving your goals, as he has continues doing for our clients.

Integrity Care Services

A multidisciplinary team of world Renown mental health providers.

Benjamin has helped thousands of people break through their limitations and achieve the freedom to attain their goals and aspirations. He is blessed with the unique ability to help people create the change they desire in their lives with lightning speed.

Michael Gross

CEO, AJ Madison

Benjamin intertwines his clinical and business expertise… His unique vantage point is bound to help…realize the factors that are holding them back and the move toward achieving their goals.

Daniel Soloff

National Director, Professional Career Services

This is a terrific book that will surely supercharge the lives of those who apply its wisdom. It is easy to read and packed with effective strategies to create real and lasting life changes.

David J. Lieberman

Ph.D., award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior

Truly a stunning success in the field of personal growth. This book will have positive impact on those who apply its wisdom.

David Lowenthal

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch