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Episode #21 – What Goes on in Your Head has Massive Impact on what goes on in your world

Practical Psychology for Business

Episode #21 What Goes On In Your Head Has Massive Impact On What Goes On In Your World.

This is one of the most important topics that MOST PEOPLE think is NOT IMPORTANT!

Here’s the truth! What goes in your mind has a DIRECT impact on what will go on in your world! Don’t underestimate this point and the power of getting your mind in line!


  • your mind is out of balance, your world will be out of balance.
  • your mind is not bored, your world will no longer be boring!
  • you get your mind “in order”, your world will fall “in order” as well!


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Learning how to control the “supercomputer between your ears” is the best thing you can do for yourself.

~Be Well! Ben.
Advisor to Fortune 500 companies
Creator of: Practical Psychology for Business & Live Your Deserved Life programs

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